śliwowica łącka gruszkówka wina owocowe bio okowity i destylaty z Łącka

Fruit wines

"Amongst beverages, wine is the most useful,
amongst medicines the most palatable
and amongst foods the most tempting"

Plutarch (1st century AD)

The majority of our society believes that 'wine' is a beverage made from grapes and only so-called grape wine is a true wine  (approach mainly taken from France). At the beginning of the 20th century, in the part of Poland which was under Russian rule, grape wines, Bessarabian wines and even Caucasian wines were so cheap that there were almost no fruit wines on the market. Over the course of time, due to the increase of prices of grape wines, the increase of national fruit crops and the understanding of their value (and the value of preserves made from them) in a reasonable human nutrition, fruit wines started to appear on the market in a larger and larger amount and of better quality. 

Sometimes, it happens that a consumer, buying very poor and shortly aged wine of not harmonized flavour, takes a dislike to all fruit wines. It is wrong, because a good and  matured fruit wine is a wholesome and tasty beverage which everybody can take to preparing a home-made wine. Some wines, e.g.: currant wines, gooseberry wines or rosehip wine, obtained very high grades and awards from connoisseurs if they had been properly prepared and they had matured for an appropriate period of time.

You can also meet with a belief that fruit wine is an artificial beverage or with a question if fruit wine contains alcohol. So at the very beginning we have to explain that wine is an alcoholic beverage, always containing alcohol, obtained as a result of alcoholic fermentation from juice, that is so-called grape must (grape wine) or from must from other fruits (fruit wines). The essential difference between grape wines and fruit wines lies in the type of raw material used for their production, while the way of obtaining wine is similar , even though it is a little more complicated in case of fruit wines. Grape must (from ripe grapes) contains the amount of sugar sufficient for obtaining wine of appropriate strength, ensuring smaller or bigger stability of wine.  However, must from our fruits contains too little sugar and too many acids, therefore, it has to be properly seasoned.

Since the Middle Ages, gardens of Łącko have been famous for ripe and healthy fruits. For years, these gifts of Mother Nature have been processed into various preserves according to old recipes handed over from generation to generation. And continuing this old tradition, we would like to offer ECOLOGICAL fruit WINES to you. 

Texts from the publication of Jan Cieślak „Technologie wódek” and „Domowy wyrób win” were used in the description.